per stoccaggio di gasolio e benzine, per impianti privati o stazioni di servizio
Trattati esternamente con catramina e/o vetroresina

Underground tanks for diesel, petrol, vegetable oils, diathermical oils and btz, single wall or double chamber for plants of storage and distribution of fuels.
The underground tanks are in conformity with D.M.29/11/2002. They are made entirely of carbon steel S235JR, according to the normative UNI EN 10025/93 and are assembled through a welding process MIG (internally) and a welding process in a submerged arc (externally)executed by highly qualified specialized staff ,later submitted to a pneumatic strength test and finish with an external treatment with the application of tarring or fibreglass. The single chamber underground tanks are provided with a gangway 400mm in diameter with welded upper sleeves or with a flanged gangway for fuels of a diameter of 520mm with upper threaded flanges (standard attachments) complete of bolts and anti petrol washer, attachment for the connection of the earth cable, identification data plate in anodized aluminium and eyebolts for idle lifting. On request for single chamber tanks: personalized measurements, personalized gangway and anti scattering, emulsion tube, installation and furnish of internal serpentines for pre heating (necessary for tanks destined for storing vegetable oil, diathermic oil and btz) realization of feet or support saddles for the positioning. The double chamber underground tanks are equipped with a flanged fuel gangway of 520mm in diameter(diesel type )with upper threaded flanges (standard attachments )or with a flanged fuel gangway of 745mm in diameter (petrol type prepared for the attachment for steam recovery) with upper threaded flanges (standard attachments) complete of bolts and anti petrol washer an anti scattering emulsion well welded to the plating which has an a bored internal upper edge as a universal washer (for connection extension flanged well on both sides), internal distance measures between the first and the second chamber , communicating hoses with the interspace for the filling of the interspace and the monitoring connection system for the losses, eyebolts for idle lifting, aluminium identification plate and an attachment for the connection of the earth cable.On request for double chamber tanks: personalized measures, personalized and/or a further gangway realization of flanged extensions on both sides for the installation of anti scattering wells, supply of internal pre heating serpentines (necessary for tanks destined to storing vegetable oil, diathermic oil and btz), realization of feet or supports for the positioning , realization of internal chambers (inconformity to D.M.29/11/2002) for the storing of different products with relative motoring with loses for each separate compartment and supply of spherical cast iron locks ,boarded driveways. The capacity ranges between 3.000lt. to 60.000lt for the standard ,and between 63.000lt to a maximum, manufactured in the workshop of 150.000lt for the over size.
Every underground tank comes with the following documents:- Certificate of approval of a final test- Metric chart Guarantee: 2 year


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