Serbatoi erogatori Omologati modello TANK-FUEL CUBE70MC gestione elettronica dei
rifornimenti, per stoccaggio ed erogazione di gasolio con bacino al 110%.
D.M. 22/11/2017

Diesel tanks, electronic mobile distributors(with a control system of the diesel used) TANK FUEL CUBE 70MC, homologated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs according to Italian law, D.M. 19/03/90 and D.M. 22/11/2017 and following modifications and extensions (D.M. 12/09/2003). They are equipped with collection basin able to hold 110% of total quantity of the tank. Service ladder, erogation system protection roof (as foreseen by the Ministry Decree). The tanks and the collection basins are made in carbon stainless steel of S235JR quality according to rule UNI EN 10025-2 and externally treated with two coats of primer and a following finish of two coatings of synthetic metallic gray enamels, they are provided with a discharge or cleaning hose with a 1 inch zinc plug, with an upper hose for a level probe, a plug for the connection of the earth cable, a gangway 400mm diameter, complete with bolts and anti petrol gasket with a 3 inch opening with a lockable bayonet fastening and a 90% load limiting valve, an exhaust with a terminal brass fire barrier, a mechanical level indicator and float ,an electric panel and a level probe (otional for this version). Diesel tank -TANK FUEL homologated with electronic erogation system CUBE 70MCErogation group CUBE 70MC with a self priming electric pump with an incorporated by pass (power 220v) nominal load 70lt/min, connected to an aspiration tubing with an intake valve with an adjustable spring and a ball valve as lock(useful in cases of maintenance to pumping group)included electronic panel with a digital volumetric litre counter (of high precision +/- 0,5%) automatic nozzle, a connected erogation tube for fuel (length 4metres) anti impurity filters with a metal open net in the aspiration , an incorporated nozzle case ,an external gear level and a lockable pump stopper, all this enclosed in a self supporting metal structure treated with anti corrosive and guaranteed IP56. The electronic complex allows the control of over 50 customers, (local memory max. 255 erogations)through personal codes or electronic keys or i-buttons with the possibility of inserting a further recognition code (for example the plate number of the vehicle to be fueled) mileage and refueling are monitored through added software (provided with usage license) which allows printed copies and controls on the fuel furnished, (there is a possibility of filtering the printed material through a customer’s code , partial and date)the transfer of the data from the electronic terminal to the pc is done through a key reader USB. The system is equipped with a minimum level alarm with possibility of activating the pump block.All TANK FUELS can be equipped with an outlet water separator
Capacity liters: | 3.000 | 5.000 | 7.000 | 9.000 |

* The protection roof is optional and it is made of a galvanized frame covered by galvanized sheet. It constitutes of four poles placed for the insert in the support for the collection basin, upper frame and covering sheet.


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