SPEEDY TANK serbatoi trasportabili in polietilene, per il trasporto di
carburante DIESEL su strada in totale esenzione A.D.R. secondo quanto previsto
al paragrafo lettera C.

SPEEDY TANK transportable tanks in polyethylene, to transport DIESEL fuel by road with total A.D.R. exception, pursuant to paragraph letter C (ADR 2011).
 These tanks are ultra-light, in polyethylene, and available with a capacity of 220 and 430 l.
Thanks to the particular shape, they can be easily moved. The structure contains large handles for movement by hand and compartments for lifting from beneath with forklifts and/or pallet trucks.  Both versions are equipped with a hinged cover, which is lockable (lock not included). SPEEDY TANKS IN POLYETHYLENE 12V or 24V (220 and 430 l)STANDARD SET UP: supply unit, filling/purge plug, suction with foot valve with safety tap and level indicator with float (available only for the 430-litre version). The supply unit under the cover is composed of:- 12V or 24V battery valve with cables and clamps;- K24 digital litres counter in aluminium, self-powered;- supply tube m. 4;- automatic nozzle.
Each SPEEDY TANK is provided with the following documentation:- User and maintenance manual CE; - User manual for pumping systemGuarantee: 2 year
*Extract of the paragraph letter c nominative A.D.R.. The A.D.R dispositions are not applied: c) the transport of goods done by the firms to complement the principal activity as supplying building plants or civil constructions or for the return trip from these plants or for control jobs for repairs or maintenance, in a quantity that does not exceed 450 litres per case packed and in the limits of the maximum quantity totally specified at measures must be adopted to stop any loss in the normal conditions of transport. These exemptions are not applied to class 7. The transports done by these firms for their supplies or external or internal distribution are not part of the present exemption.


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