MOBILTANK Serbatoi trasportabili Omologati dal Ministero dei Trasporti in base
alla Normativa A.D.R., per il trasporto di carburante DIESEL su strada.
Marcatura ONU - GIR - IBC - soggetti a revisione periodica ogni 30 mesi.

Homologated by the Ministry of Transport –ADR- Branding ONU GIR-IBC.
Homologated tanks GIR-IBC MOBILTANK for the road transport of dangerous and/or inflammable liquids. They are containers in an horizontal position with the capacity of 600lt and 900lt, anti- jolting bulkheads (which limit the movement of the liquid during transport) held and protected by a metal frame which guarantees its movement and the protection from accidental collisions (the erogation box and its accessories, security appliances are kept inside the protective framing) they are homologated by the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry and authorized by the Civil Motorization, according to the normative ADR and signed ONU (GIR-IBC), each piece is stamped with the factory number a registration certificate is provided which allows the tank to travel on road. This certificate travels with the tank which is now mobile and it forms a single unit because it can travel on any truck.
The container is subjected to a revision every 30 months from the date of the last road test. The tank is also equipped with a homologated safety valve which stops any leaking in case of accident.
The MOBILTANK tanks can be equipped with a battery run erogation group 12v or 24v (capacity 40lt/min).On request they are available with an erogation group PANTHER DC 12V (capacity 56lt. /min).
Homologated diesel tank- MOBILTANK with erogation system 12v or 24v in a cabinet.The fitting 12v or 24v foresees a metal lockable cabinet which holds a self priming battery pump with a nominal capacity of 40lt/min connected to an aspiration tube and a locking spherical valve (useful in case of maintenance to the pumping group), a flanged oscillating disk mechanical litre counter with a three figure resettable partial and progressive totalizator, automatic nozzle, a connected erogation tube for fuels (length 4 metres) clamps for the connection of power by battery. N.B. On request a fitting out of PANTHER DC is available (power 12v cod.PFMT-600 DC 12v and PFMT-900DC 12v) with the capacity 56lt nominal.
The tank for diesel transport GIR-IBC MOBILTANK can be subject to a revision every 30 months.
Each homologated DIESEL TANK MOBILTANK is provided with the following documentation:- User and maintenance manual CE; - Certificate of the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry;- User manual for pumping systemGuarantee: 2 year


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