Serbatoi monocamera da esterno ed interrati per stoccaggio acqua antincendio
Costruiti a norme UNI EN 12845

The fire fighting tanks, according to UNI EN 12845,single wall (single chamber) for storing water for fire fighting , for community firms and private plants (fire fighting plants for storing water for public buildings, schools, firms, road transport, industrial store rooms etc.) available underground water storage version (underground) external water version (on supports, feet or supporting structure).The fire fighting tanks with single wall for fire fighting water are made entirely of carbon steel S235JR according to the normative UNI EN 10025/93 and are assembled through a welding process MIG (internally ) and a submerged arc welding process (externally) carried out by highly specialized staff, later subjected to test of pneumatic strength and finishing with external treatment with application of tar or fibreglass, (for the underground versions) and with two coatings of primer and with a further double coating of synthetic metallic grey enamel or RAL (with external above ground versions).The single chamber fire fighting tanks for water are provided with a gangway of a 400mm diameter with welded upper hoses (priming loading hose) complete of bolts and washer, exhaust hoses, attachment for the connection of the earth cable anodized aluminium identification data plate, eyebolts for idle lifting. On request for fire fighting water tanks: personalized measures, personalized gangway, mounting of the flange UNI for the assembly of the pressurization groups (fire fighting pumps) realization of feet or supports for the positioning, application of the flange UNI for multiple connection of several tanks in a series or parallel and realization with assembly of eventual internal brackets for positioning of submerged pumps. Supply (excluded installation) of pressurization groups (fire fighting electro pumps, pilot pumps, diesel motor pumps) in the standard version or of a submerged type (fire fighting submerged pumps) complete of all accessories (control panel and alarm kit etc.)As foreseen by the normative UNI EN 12845.
The capacity ranges between 3000lt to 60.000lt for standard and between 63.000lt to a maximum, manufactured in the workshop, of 150.000lt, for the over size. Every FIRE FIGHTING tank comes with the following documents:- Certificate of the pneumatic test carried out in the workshop.Guarantee: 2 year


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