DEMO SERBATOI s.r.l.,leading company of national standards, designs produces homologated tank for diesel, mobile diesel tanks, underground petrol tanks, thermal oil tanks, vegetable oil tanks, for btz with heating serpentines , fire extinguishing tanks, double wall tanks, vertical aerial tanks , stainless steel tanks, INOX AISI 304 and AISI 316L, single wall tanks, tanks with heating serpentine , tanks for used oils, tanks for industrial use.
The main activity of the firm is connected to petroleum areas and industrial plants, infact it produces a large variety of products destined to the storage and refuelling, like homologated tanks TANK FEUL (Ministerial homologated based on D.M.19\03\90 and successive changes), for fuel storage for industrial and private use, homologated tanks Mobil tank (Transport and Navigation Ministerial Homologation in conformity to the Rule A.D.R. and IMDG code) for road transport, diesel double wall tanks, for petrol, for thermal oil and btz (version with an internal heating serpentine) for road plants, service station and private plants, single wall tanks for internal and external storage of industrial water or for fire extinguishing water storage, tanks for used oil, tanks for industrial plants , for chemical solvents storage, for acid storage and as containers of special liquids, stainless steel tanks INOX AISI 304 AND AISI 316, cabinets for phytopharmaceuticals.
From 8:30 am to 6:30 pm

Phone: +39 0861 668551
E-mail: info@fuelsolution.it
Fax: +39 0861 650980 
Factory: Zona industriale Contrada Stampallone, 64036 Cellino Attanasio TE
Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved Fuel Solution S.r.l. Sede Legale Via Mediana, 18 64032 Atri (TE) - Unità produttiva Zona Ind.le C.da Stampallone 64036 CELLINO ATTANASIO (TE) tel. 0861/668551 fax 0861/650980 P.I. 01931680670
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